What is ME Token?

ALL.ME (ME) Token (also known as “ME”) is the digital asset used within the all.me app. It was officially listed on CoinAll exchange in February 2019. Me Token is used as a unit of reward and trade.

As a part of mePay features all.me is going to launch “me” as an electronic money secured by a fiat asset (Euros) that can be used as an additional means of payment. Issuance and circulation of e-money are regulated in accordance to EU legislation. All necessary licenses obtaining allows the network to perform legally monetary transactions. Thus, usage of meMoney allow holders to avoid the risks associated with the volatility of exchange rates.

Where can I get ME Token?

There are two ways you can acquire ME. You can buy them on our partner exchanges and/or earn them within all.me social network. Earning is based on your social activity and popularity within the platform.

How much is ME Token’s hard cap?

ME Token’s hard cap is 100,000,000 USD (fiat).

How is ME Token connected to all.me?

ME Token (also known as “ME”) is the digital asset used within the all.me app. ME Token is used as a unit of reward and trade. When all.me users sign-up to join the network they automatically begin to interact with ME. Due to the built-in infrastructure, users can apply ME Tokens to any economic activity. E.g. saving or exchanging for fiat currencies, and buying goods within or outside the network.

How can I connect my meWallet with my ETH wallet?

all.me includes a new-generation social network for active users. A partner relationship is developed between our users and the platform, the goal of which is to establish a mutually beneficial and fair sharing of advertising revenues. Earnings are consistently transferred to a user’s personal wallet (meWallet) on a monthly basis.

ME Tokens (standard ERC 20) have a limited emission of 10 billion. Thanks to an internal billing system, transfers can be performed instantly without commissions within the network and ME can be freely transferred to Ethereum-wallets.

Has all.me conducted ICO?

No ICO has been conducted. In 2016, the first ME Token presale earned $2,816,689. In 2018, three more pre-sales were conducted. The total sum of all pre-sales was $30,495,170, which exceeded the soft cap of $30,000,000. The new PC version was also launched and the number of network users increased to 500,000. More than 18 million of ME Token transactions were recorded.

ME Token has a limited emission of 10 billion.

What licenses does all.me have?

all.me group companies maintains/obtaining respective licenses allowing it to perform the following functions:

Electronic Money Institution (in process of obtaining)
Providers of a Service of Exchanging a Virtual Currency Against a Fiat Currency
Providers of a Virtual Currency Wallet Service
Allows for the creation of network's own electronic money and allows for the performance of money transfers, payment transactions, and provides a cash deposit/withdrawal service, direct debit or credit transfers, etc.
Allows you to exchange fiat funds for virtual currencies and vice versa, as well as exchange one type of virtual money for another.
Offers storage services for credentials required to access virtual currency on behalf of a company that qualifies as a financial institution.
- As a payment service provider, ЕМІ also provides its customers with the ability to open international accounts (IBAN) online, make real-time bank transfers and other payment solutions as part of online banking.
What is all.me?

all.me is a digital ecosystem that combines a social network, trading platform and payment service.

All.me’s meNetwork is a new-generation social platform that rewards active users with digital assets. meMarket is a trading platform allowing users to buy and sell products from each other (C2C) as well as directly from international brands (B2C). Finally, mePay is a FinTech solution that brings together blockchain technology, digital assets, electronic money, as well as classic payment services. With the internal billing system, transfers can be performed instantly without commissions within the network.

Is all.me a start-up?

Our team has been working on all.me since 2015. Currently, we have offices all around the world in Ireland, Cyprus, Seychelles, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Lithuania and Estonia, and we’re growing. Management is carried out at our headquarters in Ireland. This is an already implemented project with a ready product and developed infrastructure. We’ve come a long way and objectively cannot be classified as a start-up.

Where is all.me available?

Aside from the web version, the app is also available on AppStore and Google Play.

How does all.me differ from other social networks?

1. all.me is set up for users to earn money while they engage with other subscribers and remain active within the network. In fact, you can receive up to 50% of the advertising revenues! 2. all.me has its own digital asset (currency), which can be used for instant transfers within the platform, as well as for purchases on meMarket (online marketplace). 3. all.me is also developing a digital payment service (mePay). Users will be able to make purchases with all.me debit cards both online and offline.

Basically, all.me combines a number of features that are not available on any other social network. Some of these features are under development, and you can refer to our road map to find out more about what we are currently working on and what to look forward to.

What Makes all.me Interesting for Users?

The interface and management allows users to transfer desired amounts with one click, instantly buy products, and communicate with friends. At the same time, all.me rewards users for being active on the network, building partnerships with others, the goal of which is to establish a mutually beneficial and fair distribution of advertising revenues.

Another attractive point for users is the network's interesting content. Needless to say, the idea of earning on social activity motivates users to create interesting content for their fellow subscribers. The more active subscribers a user has, the more they will earn. What motivates people to subscribe? Only high-quality, unique content that adds value to the network and attracts more and more new participants.

How can I get answers for more questions?

You can reach our Support Team at