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ME Token — the cryptocurrency of ecosystem that already has more than 500.000 users.

Become a cryptocurrency holder!

Become a cryptocurrency holder!

Thousands of people already use ME Token! Don’t miss your chance to purchase one of the most promising cryptocurrencies!

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February 11, 2019

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What Makes ME

Expanding Platform

The token is backed by digital network that has an expanding user base of +500,000.

Increasing Demand

The more the platform expands, the greater the demand is for ME Token among advertisers and users.

Growing Price

In the first 2 months on CoinAll, the price of ME increased by more than 1000%.

Encouraging Innovation
In Everyday Life

ME is the cоre element of digital network, which combines a social network, marketplace and payment service.


A social network where users create profiles, communicate with each other, surf interesting content and get rewarded in ME based on their social activity. shares up to 50% of the advertising revenue with users.


A marketplace where users buy goods from one another and also from international brands using ME.


A payment service where users can conduct transactions in ME, open payment accounts, manage all payments online and be issued payment cards, exchange ME to fiat currency and vice versa and benefit from other payment solutions.

About Us

7 branches

We continue to grow and reach new heights.

170+ staff is a team of the best experts from around the world who are making the digital world better!

500k+ users

The number of users is growing everyday.

30 mln. conducted transactions

Making transactions on digital network is simple and free.

User base in 18 countries

The application has been downloaded in 18 countries across 7 continents.

500k+ wallets

Each new user automatically gets a meWallet.


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